The Prettiots - Fun's Cool

The Prettiots - Fun's Cool

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Exclusive details! CD and LP pre-orders of Funs Cool come with a Temporary Tattoo Sheet and Prettiots Lip Balm as seen in the gallery above. In addition, you will receive singles, Boys (That I Dated in High School), Suicide Hotline, Stabler & Anyways when you pre-order the album.

NYC’s The Prettiots (Kay Kasparhauser and Lulu Prat) will release their debut album, Funs Cool, on Feb 5 2016 via Rough Trade.

Packed with catchy melodies, memorable hooks and heart on the sleeve lyrics, Funs Cool acts as a thoughtful, funny, and catchy-as-hell state of the union address from young women living in a big city and watching life unfurl in fits and starts before them.

They’ve got a playful aesthetic and a sweet pop sound, but their observations are scalpel-sharp, and the emotional gut-punch their music packs is real. For Kay (vocals and uke) and Lulu (bass), simple instrumentation and no-frills vocals aren’t useful because they’re easy or cute. They’re useful because they’re the fastest way to the truth.

As Kasparhauser explained recently in a Rookie Magazine interview earlier this year, “My lyrics are completely honest…they’re 100% true to my thoughts at any given moment. I like to talk about Werner Herzog and sex.”


1. 18 Wheeler

2. Boys (That I Dated In Highschool)

3. Hope Yr Happy

4. Move To L.A.

5. Dreamboy

6. Suicide Hotline

7. Kiss Me Kinski

8. Skulls

9. Stabler

10. Anyways

11. Me And Little Andy

12. 10/10 Would Chill Again