Goat Girl - Country Sleaze / Scum

Goat Girl - Country Sleaze / Scum

Goat Girl - Country Sleaze / Scum

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Rough Trade Records released the debut single by South London four piece Goat Girl on 7th October 2016. Listen to “Country Sleaze’ here. Goat Girl head up an emerging set of groups from South London who have been inspired by the burgeoning local circuit there.

Goat Girl are a special band. Songs that use subtlety as their main ingredient while remaining disarmingly fierce at every turn. Lyrics that mean everything despite being written down in the most simplistic and non-aggressive way possible… they are an anomaly in the UK music scene as 2016 draws to a draggy close: four people playing guitars, bass and drums who have the ability to make you feel //alive// again.

Available now as an Mp3 download, the 7” is now sold out.

Track listing

  1. Country Sleaze
  2. Scum

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