Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs CD

Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs CD

Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs CD

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Jeffrey Lewis, A Turn In The Dream-Songs, is his sixth album for Rough Trade Records. Leaving behind most of the garage-rock bursts that peppered previous albums, A Turn In The Dream-Songs is perhaps a sweeter record than any Jeffrey has released before, a warmth that is enhanced by the fact that the current songs were recorded (and mixed!) entirely on two-inch analogue tape at England’s Analogue Catalogue all-vintage studio (where “Pro-Tools” is a dirty word and digital edits are unknown). Jeffrey’s band on this record is a five-piece, with mandolin by Franic (Wave Pictures) Rozycki and drums/bass/cello from Johnny Flynn’s backing band the Sussex Wit (which includes Jeffrey’s long-time drummer David Beauchamp). Most of the songs were recorded live-in-studio at Analogue Catalogue’s cozy HQ in the misty hills outside of Manchester, UK, often with all five musicians captured on tape performing together in one room, although some wonderful additional assists were also provided by members of Dr. Dog, The Vaselines, Au Revoir Simone, Misty’s Big Adventure and Schwervon!, all of whom have been Jeffrey Lewis fans/touring partners in the past couple years. 
This time around Jeffrey’s inimitably free-roaming lyrics and sounds take us on a trip where we may encounter everything and everyone from cosmic wishes to callow whippersnappers, Father Yod to Sylvia Plath, ways to die, ways to live, and the saddest song about green slime you’re likely to hear all year. The classy acoustic band, sounding live and loose but sonically dynamite, the vintage analogue recording/mixing process, the relentlessly high quality of the songwriting whether contemplative or freewheeling, and of course another elaborate and unique comic book packaging/artwork design by Jeffrey, all combine to make A Turn In The Dream-Songs the most solid and enjoyable album of Jeffrey’s now decade-long strange career. 


1. To Go and Return
2. How Can It Be
3. I Got Lost
4. Boom Tube
5. Time Trades
6. Cult Boyfriend
7. Krongu Green Slime
8. Try It Again
9. When You're By Yourself
10. So What If I Couldn't Take It Anymore
11. From Draz
12. Water Leaking, Water Moving
13. Reaching

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Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs CD

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