Antony & The Johnsons - Turning

Antony & The Johnsons - Turning

Antony & The Johnsons - Turning

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TURNING is an album and concert film documentary captured during the critically acclaimed tour of Europe by Antony & The Johnsons and Charles Atlas during Autumn 2006. 

It explores the heart and experiences of that series of performances through it's synthesis of Antony's songs and unfurling video portraiture of the 13 beauties who performed on stage.  TURNING creates an intimate and cinematic experience exploring themes of identity, transcendence and revelation of essence. 

The deluxe package includes the full TURNING concert recorded at The Barbican in London and contains songs from the first three Antony & The Johnsons albums, along with unreleased bonus songs Whose Are These and Tears Tears Tears that originally came on a limited 7" with the TURNING program. 

It features the classic line up of Antony, Maxim Moston, Rob Moose, Julia Kent, Parker Kindred, Jeff Langston and Thomas Bartlett can be heard on these recordings as Charles Atlas' projected portraits of the girls light up the stage from behind the band for the duration of the concert.

"The concept is breathtakingly effective. Hegarty's gentle music invariably obsesses on themes of alienation, gender and sexual identity, and his melodramatic contralto, quavering and seemingly insatiable, chimes magnificently with Atlas's stark visual reinventions of his handpicked "13 New York beauties …. The silent women, inhabitants of Manhattan's demi-monde, could all have stepped out of Antony's songs …. Exposed to Atlas's transforming lens, their surface vulnerability clearly masks stoical strength and inner steel …. a fragile, life-affirming and truly wonderful evening"  The Guardian ✭✭✭✭✭ 
1. Everything Is New 
2. My Lord, My Love 
3. Cripple And The Starfish  
4. For Today I Am A Boy 
5. Where Is My Power? 
6. Spiralling 
7. Find The Rhythm Of Your Love 
8. I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy 
9. Bird Gerhl 
10. Kiss My Name 
11. Daylight And The Sun 
12. One Dove 
13. Hope There's Someone 
14. Twilight  
15. You Are My Sister 
Bonus Tracks 
16. Whose Are These 
17. Tears Tears Tears 
DVD Extras  
Where is My Power, Spiraling concert footage and the You Are My Sister video featuring Boy George 

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