Parquets Courts - Plant Life

Parquets Courts - Plant Life

Parquets Courts - Plant Life

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Limited to 2,000 copies WW, Parquets Courts’ (physical-only release) ‘Plant Life’ is a 3-song 12” anchored around the titular track. The band’s Austin Brown says,

“The song ‘Plant Life’ is my story of rediscovering my passion for music through New York City dance floors. It's a distillation from a 40 plus minute improvisation prompted by producer Rodaidh McDonald, and every way we've sliced it up illustrates a different mood of the same perspective of ecstasy and aspiration to not only grow, but form roots outside of our own barriers.”

Side B features a remix of “Plant Life” from Vancouver’s Yu Su that funks up the bassline as well as a celestial mix from Peak Wifi reminiscent of Midori Takada.


Side A

  1. Plant Life - Extended Mix

Side B

  1. Plant Life - Yu Su’s Transient Version
  2. Plant Life - Peak Wifi Vibes Mix

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