British Sea Power - From The Sea To The Land Beyond

British Sea Power - From The Sea To The Land Beyond

British Sea Power - From The Sea To The Land Beyond

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Release date: 2nd December 2013
Formats: CD + DVD / Ocean blue Double LP + DVD + MP3 / Download of audio only
British Sea Power's widely-praised soundtrack for the BFI British coastline film 'From The Sea To The Land Beyond' is to be released on 2nd December 2013 through Rough Trade Records. Both the CD and Vinyl editions of the Soundtrack come with a DVD of the film.
The soundtrack consists of re-workings of previous BSP songs and was recorded in Brighton and mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, Daughter, M83, Cocteau Twins) and features a bonus track not used in the film.
In January 2013 when the film, directed by Penny Woolcock, was first shown on BBC4 television in the Storyville series the viewing figure nudged 500,000 – over twice the usual audience size for this BBC4 feature. The film features a fantastic array of footage of the British coastline from the BFI's National Archive. Travelling from 1901, through both world wars, into peacetime and the modern age, 'From The Sea To The Land Beyond' shows our coast as a place of leisure, industry and wild nature: A woman scaling a sheer cliff face to collect eggs, dancers on the Sussex shoreline, émigrés from the Caribbean and India, a big British Rail hovercraft... For all this the BSP soundtrack is a fitting, moving audio counterpart. 
1 From The Sea To The Land Beyond
2 Remarkable Diving Feat
3 Strange Sports
4 Heroines of the Cliff
5 The Guillemot Girls
6 Suffragette Riots
7 Heatwave
8 Melancholy Of The Boot
9 Be You Mighty Sparrow?
10 Berth 24
11 Red Rock Riviera
12 Coastguard
13 Perspectives Of Stinky Turner
14 Bonjour Copains
15 The Wild Highlands
16 Docklands Renewed
17 The Islanders
18 Bonus Track - Heatwave (Lympne Castle Demo)

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